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June 27, 2009



oooooh sweet girl sssh don't tell anybody...but...this is absolutely the best party I've been to so far! Congrats! Just exquisitely whimsical and so inspiring!

anita mundt

OMG have the coolest parties!!!!!! oh how i wish i could have been there, to have fun, eat and photograph!!!

What Happens Next

Oh, you are so lucky that The March Hare was at your party!!!

He is adorable!! I had a fabulous time!!

xo Debbie

Rhonda Roo

Oh. My. Hatter.
I am positively *swwwooooning* over your party! Oh, you really really know how to hold a tea.

Rhonda Roo

Ok I'm back. This is just the best! I love the edginess that says "mad"!!!
I added you to my Twinklestars links. You just totally rock. Next year I'm coming to your house!!!


OMG! this was such a fabulous party! I love the dress-up!! So fantastic and fun! xo natalea


ok, i have to admit, i am in a deep jealous craving over your hand painted table and yummy china pattern - a waaay too delightful party. i am still a swoony mess.


Your table was absolutely divine...and then to think of all the goodness that was ON it and AROUND it? Well...I think I shall sit a while and visit with the both of you...

Lori Anderson

The dresses and the makeup and the table! What a wonderfully fun party! And I've never seen peppermint twists like that!

I hope you'll visit my Tea Party and see what I'm decking out the party-goers in!


What a beautiful party! I love the purse and that table is perfect! Thank you for a lovely afternoon!

You're madly invited to my tea party, I do hope you'll stop by (if you haven't already of course)! :)

jodi lynn

What a FUN party! LOve the face painting....very cool! yum...those peppermints look sooo good!
Had fun- stop by my party if you have a minute! :)


I'm not participating this year....but you did an amazing job. Magazine perfect. I loved it....what a joy, the table, the colors, the socks and shoes....the blanket...all spectacular eye candy!
Thanks for sharing....looks like a lot of work!! Have a great day!!

two crazy crafters

What a fantastic party! I can hardly believe my eyes! I don't want to leave just yet, mind if I stay awhile? Twyla


What a cute post! You went all out! I love all the funk and fabulous pink-alicious mad hatterishness going here! You did a great job and the photos are great, too! What a fun artist! :)


You and yours know how to throw a great party. Kudos to your darling little friend. Love it ALL!!!!!!!


Wowza! great photos!!!

DellaRae DeZines

Loved your party...the March Hare was lucky you were to have him there. Everything was wonderful and frou frou!


A spectacular and colorful tea party. I love the wonderland table you created.


I loved your party! the roses are divine, especially aside the beautiful silver! thanks for having me over! hugs, robin


oh what fun i had, I so enjoyed the music it was very fitting for the event.I'm going to run along now, I think I'm going into a sugar coma from all the delicious treats!

You’re invited to please visit stop by and visit my party where we’re having a tea of a time!!


It was a feast for the eyes... I loved every delicious minute of it :) ~ lori


Wow, this tea party is definitely one of my favourites!!
I LOVE the table you painted, the colour theme you chose rocks!
You look great as Alice, the pup is a perfect Mad Hatter, and what a cute March Hare!
The table setting is awesome, and so many tempting treats, I'll have one of those awesome cupcakes please!

I think you will like my tea party too, we have similar styles!

x Jessy


So lovely and pink :D
Thanks for inviting me to your party for tea!

Renee Khan

Well the march hare was the cutest I have ever seen.

What a total delight.

Your blog is beautiful.

Renee xoxo

a fanciful twist

My mouth is wide open, and I want to crawl through the screen and join you!! Oh, this is my minds tea party!!!!!!!

Absolutely increible!

And your table, you do a marvelous job!

Crips beautiful photos, unrela display! What a wonderful visit!! THANK YOU!!!

(so sorry I am late, I have been on my bathroom floor ill as can be)

What a delight!!! xoxo

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